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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  March 3, 2013 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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>> i'm shocked. hayward. >> mean that stuff like this happens in hayward? >> yes. >> reporter: the passenger was pronounced dead at the scene. it's not clear if the bullets killed him or the accident contributed to his death. yesterday afternoon police in san jose shot and killed a man after a high speed chase on highway 85 in residential streets. that suspect was also pronounced dead at the scene. in san francisco, early saturday morning, another vehicle pursuit ended near candlestick park with the daly city police officer shooting and killing a suspect. in union city saturday night officers shot and killed a armed man they say pointed a gun at him following a traffic stop. >> everything just escalating between the cops fending for their lives and the people on the streets fearing for their lives. >> reporter: thursday night a
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sheriff's deputy shot and killed a kidnapping suspect after he also led them on a chase. the paid of deadly officer involved shooting comes just days after two santa cruz police officers were killed in a shootout with a suspect. dr. jeff snipes is head of the criminal justice department in san francisco state. he sayses there's no imperial evidence of a cause and effect relationship between officers being gunned down in the line of duty and the number of killings of suspects by police. >> of course there's probably something psychological here. cops get killed. cops, you know, they don't make a lot of money for the most part. they serve the public. when they get killed, certainly there's a psychological thing going on. >> reporter: and dr. snipes says that does not mean that police officers will be trigger happy because their comrades were killed. in fact, he says in his opinion most bay area police depositions show a great deal of restraint. live in san francisco tonight, monte frances, nbc bay area
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news. it was this wild high speed chase on city streets that led officers to fire on a suspect in san jose. the chase began around 2:30 yesterday afternoon and despite speeds of up to 100 miles an hour, no officer or bystander was hurt. the spokesman said the suspect's identity may be released tomorrow. among the many tributes to the two police officers killed in santa cruz last week there was one particularly personal gift. anonymous soldier left a teddy bear with a purple heart and a note reading, the purple heart is for the sacrifice above and beyond the call of duty. soldiers who are killed or wounded in service are awarded purple heart medals. deputy chief steve clark says the family of butch baker and elizabeth butler and everyone on the force was touched and honored. >> just blown away. a number of them military and so they understand the significance
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of not only earning this medal but the significance of giving it as a gift. >> the memorial outside the santa cruz police department has been growing since tuesday when baker and butler were gunned down. new at 11:00 tonight, police are on the hunt for a people who broke into an unmarked police car in san francisco and stole an assault rifle, ar-15. they were working in the area and say the car was parked and secured when someone broke in this weekend. the type of sport rifle is specifically for trained officers so they can be ready for rapid fire in close quarters. an investigation is ongoing if if you have any information, call sfpd. in los galos, they are trying to approve an emergency moratorium on new gun dealers tomorrow. temp particular sports wch sell firearms -- we'll get to
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you do? in los galos, they're pressuring their town counsel for a moratorium on gun sales tomorrow. they opened in late december in the wake of mass shooting in newtown, connecticut though. many residents protested. they couldn't understand how that could happen without public debate. two meetings last month drew hundreds of russ dents on both sides of the issue and in the end the town counsel decided to vote on emergency moratorium rules for new firearms dealers. if it is approved tomorrow, the moratorium would apply retroactively to templar sports. a neighborhood was evacuated this afternoon because of a standoff between police and arm woman. the 22-year-old woman allegedly broke into a home near the corner of lyon and filbert at 3:00 this afternoon. ordered everyone inside to leave the residents called 911. police found the woman at a window pointing a shotgun at them. she eventually surrendered
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peacefully about two hours later. police say the gun was never loaded. san jose firefighters written vest gating a suspicious fire at an east side high school school. it's a fire that started this afternoon around 1:35 at independence high school near mckee road and jackson avenue. it started outside a building in the b villa which houses one of the principals of the school. firefighters say there could have been more damage if not for one thing. >> the thing that helped us out is that the building was sprinklered. the sprinkler system held the fire in check and the firefighters got here and extinguished the fire quickly they worked 40 minutes to contain that blaze and no one was injured. investigators do say this is not the first time there has been a fire at that school. another fire investigation. this one in a senior housing complex in campbell. the fire started around 11:30 last night at the wesley manor apartments at the intersection of hamilton and winchester
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boulevard. santa clara county fire officials say it was contained to the 12th floor of the bidding and there are no reports of injuries. however, we do know that some people lost their homes and now the red cross is assisting them. still no word on exactly how many apartments were damaged. people in mountain view are wondering whether they are at greater risk of cancer because of where they live. there is a known epa super known fight. the problem is as our investigative unit uncovered, the risk of a plume of toxins may be reaching farther than even the epa knew. today more questions and answers at a community meeting. >> i'm just trying to understand the relationship of how that water work together -- >> reporter: probing questions and worried faces at a community meeting for people who fear their exposure to cancer causing agents near the epa super fund site near move fit field might be greater than they thought. people who live and work nearby have long known there was tce in
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the ground water and soil but not until our investigative uniten uncovered a plume spread beyond the known boundaries did this community find out their exposure might be greater than they thought. >> when you run into a surprise that means people probably were exposed for some period of time without knowing about it. >> reporter: tce is a cancer causing cleaning solvent they've used for decades. tons of tce con a greated ground water and soil has been removed as the epa spokeswoman told the unit last month. >> cleaned up 5 1/4 billion gallons of contaminated ground water and treed over 100,000 pounds of con a nans. >> reporter: the epa say they missed out hot spots outside the original plume area including two homes and two buildings. >> your first thought is your health. is this africaing us. has this effected other neighbors that i know have had health issues? >> reporter: the community
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activists who has worked on the cause since the 1980s say they have been satisfied with how it's handled. right now he wants more information. >> to what degree were the people who worked in the buildings, particularly the preg nent women adequately formed? google did share some information with them. >> the moffett mountain wheel community advisory board will meet again to discuss ruls of indoor testing and the notification process they use. the meeting is planned for a week from tuesday. a little saigon now has a name and locator signs on the freeway. vietnamese-american community contributed economically and culturally, of course, to san jose and northern california. and now south bay visitors and shoppers will know exactly how to get there. a prominent asian-american politician says the signs are really about recognizing the vietnamese-american community in san jose.
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>> distinct flavor this area provides a -- i guess you can call it a curry stew. >> the congressional caucus on vietnam participated in the unveiling ceremony today. today's escape fromm alcatrz triathlon was grueling as one athlete died right after plunging into the cold bay waters for the swim portion. race officials say they believe the 46-year-old man from austin, texas, suffered a massive cardiac event during the first part of the triathlon which begins at alcatraz island. we talked with the race organizer who says that in the 33-year history of the triathlon nearly 100,000 athletes have participated and this is the first time someone has died. >> if you're an athlete and something happens you want to get assistance as soon as something happens to you, in the water or on the bike or on the
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run. and he got that assistance today. unfortunately, you know, any type of assistance we could give him, it just wasn't enough. >> triathletes did hit chillier t waters this year because the race was moved from june to march because of the america's cup. the race organizers says that likely was not a factor. participants from the age of 7 to 70 years old finished the race today. new at 11:00, imagine someone you knew suddenly went into cardiac arrest. what would you do? a newly released 11 call is a shocking look at what some senior facilities will and will not do for the residents. >> i understand if your boss is telling you you can't do it. but if there's any -- as a human being, i don't -- you know, is there anybody that's willing to help this lady and not let her die? >> not at this time. >> that call came from glenwood gardens, senior independent
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living sfa sillity in bakers field. 87-year-old resident collapsed inside but say managers said employees are not allowed to attempt cpr on residents. they confirm independent living facilities are not legally required to provide medical care. >> it's really more like a hotel where they will offer you services, housekeeping, change your bed but you can't even get care in an independent living. >> the victim was eventually rushed to a hospital where she was pronounced dead. her daughter says she is satisfied with her care but tonight many people are wondering if enough was done. management at the glenwood gardens issued this statement saying, quote, our practice is to immediately call emergency medical personnel for assistance and to wait with the individual needing attention until such personnel arrives. that is the protocol we followed. the california republican parties has a new leader
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tonight. former state lawmaker jim was elected party chairman by more than 1,000 delegates at the state party's spring convention in sacramento this weekend. he has promised to focus on fund-raising and revamping the party's voter outreach and candidate recruitment. much of the attention today was centered on the vote for the party's number two job. delegates elected dillon of san francisco as vice chairman. the first woman and first seek to serve in that post. her election was not without con tro rers si. the head of the federation of republican women wrote on facebook, quote, i was told by one of her friends that because of her religion her loyalty is to the muslim religion so she will defend the muslim without hesitation. she is not republican. party leaders denounce the comments as racist, hateful, and dhillon quickly brushed them off as well. >> you're going to have a few
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crazy people and bigots. and our party is no different. >> they say it is deciding whether to punish the member who made that offensive remark. a hollywood great was in a south bay tonight at the cine gls quest film festival. harrison ford was there and we had an one-on-one interview with that famous actor. now in san jose with the details. it must have been a thrill to talk to indiana jones himself. >> he was. indiana jones and hans solo, my favorite growing up as a kid. it was neat for all of us who got to meet him. harrison ford told us he's been asked to come to cinequest for years now and finally gave him a reason to do so. he is honored by the award to just be a part of the film festival. >> i'm very honored to be here to receive this award. i appreciate it.
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>> reporter: harrison ford now joins a list of celebrated factors who will receive cinequest maverick award. >> he is a man who epitomizes a person who is really willing to step outside and have boundaries and patterns and he plays roles that inspire people. it lifts people to see roles like indiana jones and hans solo and so many others. >> i want a player who has the guts not to fight back. >> 70-year-old actor is showing some of that independence spirit in his newest film "42" set to be released this spring. this is a clip from the movie's official website. ford plays brooklyn dodger's owner who signed jackie robinson and made history. >> i think it's an important american story that serves as well to hear, well told. and so i'm just happy to have worked on what i think is going to be a very good film. >> the actor says he appreciates
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well-made movies and spends a lot of time watching them with his 12-year-old son whos has made him aware of just how much influence film can have over people. so what the next for the actor, family man, carpenter, and pilot? >> i will do more of the same. more of the same. i'm delighted that i still have the opportunities to be involved in projects that i have respect for. and i would be quite happy to continue to keep working. i love to work. thank you. >> thank you. >> i mentioned ford is a pilot. he actually flew himself up to the bay area today to receive the award which also included a question/answer period with jennif jennifer. live in san jose, kimberly terry, nbc bay area news. >> very good to hear from him. thank you very much. we are looking live in san
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jose this morning. it looks very orange. i would suspect that is because there's a layer of fog brewing. maybe some low clouds. >> you are right on. right on. >> i'm done. >> give you the clicker. do my job. you've been doing it all. we've been talking about temperatures that have been so warm over the past few days, even today san rafael got up to 71. walnut creek. 70. by thursday, a system that moves this way. it's not only going to produce very cold air but a shot of rainfall, antioch, gilroy, santa rosa, 60s today. mid 50s for wednesday and thursday. 48 right now in santa rosa. 49 in san francisco. east bay, oakland, 52. the south bay, san jose at 50 degrees. you may have heard but this has been a driest year on record across the bay. ever. since records have been kept, since 184. for all of these cities here, napa, oakland, san francisco, livermore, santa cruz.
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the driest ever starts to a year. we are expecting rain to head our way towards tuesday. rainfall amounts will be quarter of an inch to 3/4 of an inch. again, this is going to be the most rain we've seen all year long. we desperately need it now in an abnormal drought declared by the climate prediction center. the rain will move through. tuesday, really midday in the north bay. you get into the afternoon hours. starts to spread into san francisco, oakland, and into san mateo. this is tuesday afternoon and evening. once we get into wednesday we're just talking a a good wide spread soaking really for everybody. again, this is desperately needed rain across the bay area. we've been very dry. really january and february. we're expecting maybe a quarter of an inch in the south bay. south bay, livermore, antioch, heaviest amounts typical will always be and usually been in the north bay. that's where we're expecting half an inch and maybe 3/4 of an inch. for tomorrow, we will start off
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dry. 39 in santa rosa. 43 in san jose. 41 in santa cruz. by tomorrow afternoon, we will see some sunshine. it will be limited though. we'll see a good amount of cloud cover filling in ahead of this cold front. you will notice temperatures will be slightly cooler by three or four degrees. not major cooldown for tomorrow. 59 in san francisco. 62 in san jose. now, again, temperatures tomorrow. decent. three-day forecast. notice that seven-day forecast does take temperatures down. not only to 60 on wednesday with the rain but as that area of low pressure slides overhead, kris, on thursday, 50s. you definitely want to make sure that you find the umbrella, the coat, and maybe something warm to keep you nice and toasty if you're going to be venturing outside. good news, upcoming weekend, 70s return. >> honest to goodness, i don't remember where my umbrella is, which is just a sad thing. it's been that long.
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>> i don't know where mine is,ee there. >> i guess we're going shopping. >> looking for it. now we're going to check in with henry willford, comcast sportsnet. it's hard when there's so much gap between the rain. henley? >> absolutely. don't worry about it though. don't worry about the rain. we have sports to talk about when we come back, including the earthquakes, they get their 2013 season under way from buckshaw stadium. but first, world series hero barry zito takes the mound in his second start of the spring. we have all the highlights from a stellar outing from a lefty in scottsdale. sports is next. so... [ gasps ]
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[ male announcer ] roundup extended control ♪ yeha with the new one-touch wand. [ whip cracks ] welcome back to nbc bay area. barry zito has been at the top and rock bottom in the baseball world. however, if he pitches the way he pitch it last season, there will be many happy giants fans. zito had 15 wins last year. the most since 20 06 when he wa with the oakland as. how did he do today in cactus league baseball? d'backs and giants. second cactus league start. top of the first. slides to center.
11:25 pm
gregor blanco comes in. top of the third. eric chavez strikes out swinging. next batter, zito flashing some leather out there. adam'd dn pops out to zito. three scoreless inning for the z-man. two strikeouts. two on for francisco. double down left field line. brandon crawford and roger score. he was 3 for 4 with three runs batted in. giants win, 5 h 36, your fi5-3,. top of the run. sick si singles to right field to load the bases. next batter, derek barton, ouch. derek norris scores. as have five walks and three hit bats in in the first three
11:26 pm
evening. david hits a solo shot. as pitcher, as win, 7-2, is your final. let's kick it with some soccer. quakes and real salt lake in the season opener. 49ers back joe staley at the game. 14th minute. chris wondo had a game tie seven shots. first minute, alboro scores on the break away. 85th minute. again, scores passed john bush. quakes lose, 2-0 is your final. basketball. stanford cardinal trying to put away utah on the hardwood. first half action. josh houston blocks jason washburn. stanford on the break. alley-oop dunk from jason randal. one handed is all he needs. 15 points in the game.
11:27 pm
second half. cedric barton knocks down a three. trimmed down to four. too much stanford down the stretch. pow, with a two-handed flush. to the greens we go. hondas classic, final round. tiger woods not in contention to win but a nice approach on 18. this would lead to an eagle. but tiger finished tied for 37th. a tournament he would like to forget despite the nice approach there. with the shot of the day, jegeo ogilvy chips it in for a bit difficult on 16. talk to it. it falls. he finished second. two shots off the leader. michael thompson, yes, thompson birdieing here to seal the deal. he finished 9 under par. capturing his first career victory on the pga tour. how about some racing before we get out of here. nascar sprint cup series.
11:28 pm
danica patrick coming off the eighth place finish in daydayto. but she blows a tire coming out of turn four, slams into the wall. takes out david reagan in the process. not hurt. finished 39th. winner, carl edwards. any time he wins, pulled off the back flip. something i taught him years ago but i refuse to do that again. carl edwards is your winner. that will do it from the xfinity sports desk. we're back at it monday for the warriors with open a seven-game home stand. chris, warriors need a win. they've lost four straight. they're struggling. >> what's really sat is that zed curie has had so many points in all of those games and it just hasn't mattered. >> he's been unbelievable. averaging 37 points a game in his last four games. >> i think we we averaged 37 points in my whole game. >> same here. >> thanks, henry.
11:29 pm
still to come, update from space where the supply ship dragon docks at the international space station after just a wee bit of trouble. plus, an exciting medical breakthrough. how a baby born with the hiv virus has apparently been cured. ♪
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the commercial supply ship dragon has docked with the en r international space station. the company struggled with the dragon following friday's launch. a quad pressure line or valve prevented dragon's thrusters from working and it took flight controllers several hours to gain control and salvage the mission. in the end, dragon arrived just a day late with the one-ton load. also on board, our plant experiments developed at moffett field at nasa research center.
11:32 pm
space x of course run by pay pal and tesla founder. we'll be right back. [ ma it's a rule of nature.] you don't decide when vegetables reach the peak of perfection. the vegetables do. at green giant, we pick vegetables only when they're perfect. then freeze them fast so they're are as nutritious as fresh. [ green giant ] ho ho ho. ♪ green giant i just finished a bowl of your light chicken pot pie soup and it was so rich and creamy... is it really 100 calories? let me put you on webcan... lean roasted chicken... and a creamy broth mmm i can still see you. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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across the board government spending cuts of $85 billion are now in effect and will be phased in over the next month, unless the white house and congress can work out a compromise and there is word today that talks are still going on behind the scenes. nbc's brian mooar has the story from washington. >> reporter: from classrooms to military bases, the u.s. border and up in the air, americans are bracing for the coming budget cuts known as the sequester. the white house says president obama is still trying to negotiate a way out.
11:34 pm
>> our hope is that as more republicans start to see this pain in their own districts, that they will choose bipartisan compromise over this absolutist position. >> reporter: republicans are betting that the president will give in or that the pain caused by the sequester won't be nearly as traumatic as the headlines suggest. >> i don't think anyone quite understands how the sequester is really going to work. >> reporter: speaker john boehner says the house will avert the possibility of an all out government shut down with a suspected vote this week to continue funding until september 30th. but he says if there's a compromise to avoid the sequester, it's the president who will have to bend. >> he got us tike hikes. it's time to cut spending. and every american knows it. >> reporter: some clearly agree. >> i know in my house when my budget gets tight, i stop spending. >> reporter: others are just tired of politics. >> i just wish that could act like adults and get the job done. >> reporter: if not, federal workers across the country are
11:35 pm
preparing to spend fewer days at their jobs for the foreseeable future. brian mooar, nbc news, washington. it was a sunday mass like no other at st. peters square today. since pope benedict resigned on thursday, there was no pope to lead the mass. the famous square was quiet today without the traditional papal blessing. cardinals plan to meet tomorrow to discuss when to begin the conclave to choose the next pope. it is condition foirmd, britain's highest ranking catholic official is resigning. the vatican says he resigned as archbishop admitting to unspecified sexual misbehavior. three current and one former priest said o'brien acted inappropriately with them. o'brien will not attend the conclave to elect the successor to pope benedict. o'brien is contesting the allegations. britain's queen elizabeth is in the hospital with a stomach bug. what a surprising is the
11:36 pm
86-year-old is in the hospital for the first time in ten years. the monarch's condition is not deteriorating and she is said to be in good spirits. but a buckingham palace spokesman says she was showing symptoms of gastroenteritis. doctors just thought she would be best treated at the hospital. the monarch is at king edward, the seventh hospital in london. all of her engagements for the coming week are canceled or postponed. a baby born with hiv has apparently been cured. the child from mississippi is now two years old. doctors at batson children's hospital at the university of mississippi gave her a drug cocktail when she was just 30 hours old and kept her on a regimen. she has been off hiv drugs for a year with no signs of infection and it's something that doctors didn't know. when her mother eventually brought her back doctors were shocked when they saw her tests. >> we believe that perhaps the
11:37 pm
therapy prevented the formation of the reservoirs in central memory cells. really set the stage for pete trick care agenda going forward. >> if the child remains healthy she -- her cure would be only the world's second reported case. demolition began on that house that became a death trap for a man who is pulled into the ground by a large sinkhole. authorities say it is unlikely they will ever recover his body. nbc's gabe gutierrez is in florida tonight with the details. >> reporter: on one side of the street, a delicate demolition. on the other, heartbreak. janelle wheeler lived in that home. >> it's really hard to see over 40 years of memories. >> reporter: the house near tampa deemed too unstable after a sinkhole at least 50 feet deep
11:38 pm
and 30 feet wide swallowed a man while he slept and kept growing. today authorities recovered keepsakes for the families who lived here. an american flag, pictures, and a bible. a symbol of faith plucked from the home on faithway drive. >> god works in mysterious ways and he knew we needed this. >> reporter: wanda carter grew up in this house which is now the final resting place for 36-year-old jeff bush, sucked into the earth late thursday night without warning. after evacuating the homes next door and testing the ground, authorities abandoned the rescue mission. >> we didn't know if any vibrations would maybe set it off to where it would collapse in or not. surprisingly, everything is holding up. >> reporter: engineers will soon decide how best to fill the hole to stabilize the area. but for this neighborhood, the void will never be filled. >> and that was gabe b gutierrez reporting. engineers believe the 20-foot
11:39 pm
wide hole compromised the two homes next to the demolished house. it is yet to be determined what will happen to those two homes. just ahead, he is young and he is ready to make a change. how a bay area college grad is helping people to help the world.
11:40 pm
11:41 pm
sometimes when people have a really great idea, money isn't the biggest challenge. it's how to make it happen. that's where a young silicon
11:42 pm
valley youngster helps people help the world. tonight bay area proud's garvin tr thomas introduces us. >> upon catching up with bruce wilson, one of the first questions you are likely to be asked is, are you caffeinated. you don't have to spend too much time with him afterwards to understand why. >> awesome. awesome. awesome. freakin' brilliant. freakin' awesome. >> reporter: the 24-year-old berkeley grad is a whirlwind of energy, ideas, and enthusiasm. >> very high energy. it's going to be through the next stp. >> reporter: he is also executive dreker of the relay foundation. started two years ago to give a hand to what bruce calls social start-ups. young people with ideas on how to do good while doing business. >> a social i think simplest answer is the future, without a doubt. all companies in the future are going to have to be social. they're going to have to care about others if they're going to
11:43 pm
succeed. >> reporter: of course, success is not exactly what greeted bruce. his original idea was for the foundation to give out grants but their first big competition got just a single entry. >> that day really made us like where are we wrong? my question is -- what bruce said he learned is that these social startups didn't need money, right away. they needed advice, connections, feedback. >> most of the people who come to us under the age of 25, most actually around 22, 23, and they're saying i want to do this but i don't know what to do next. i need just some guidance. >> reporter: the fact it was coming from someone their own age or younger didn't seem to matter. >> never want did someone say, i have more experience to you and you don't know what you're talking about. what matters is feeding people, clothing people, what matters is providing housing or providing ways to get involved with somebody else's education.
11:44 pm
it's about what's getting done. >> reporter: in the short time the relay foundation has worked with dozens of organizations to help get them to whatever their next goal may be. >> little steps that they're always the same. >> reporter: bruce himself is about to embark on a 30-country world tour on behalf of the relay foundation. he's hoping for a grand exchange of ideas because bruce is quick to point out he doesn't have all the answers. he's just sure that no isn't one of them. >> i don't know the right answer right now but i'm going to do something. it just has to harve happen because if i did vus sit and i wait, nothing is really going to change. >> reporter: garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> exciting young man. the 33rd annual escape from alcatraz triathlon happened in san francisco this morning. comcast sportsnet's brodie brazil takes a look at how the participants come from all walks of life. >> reporter: as if it's scenic backdrop isn't amazing enough, wait until you meet some
11:45 pm
participants from today's 33rd annual escape from alcatraz. first, 15-year-old william. >> there's got to be some nervous anticipation about taking this on on, right? >> right. yeah. i'm probably one of the youngest. i'm glad i'm not one of the oldest. but it's going to be a challenge, yeah. >> reporter: the palo alto native is not only competing for himself but also to raise funds for the multiple myeloma research foundation. >> my grandfather, we're going to raise money for people like him and people effected by it all around the world. it's pretty dominant. and it just seemed like a great cause. >> reporter: on the other extreme of experience is eric, who's participated in each of the last 25 escapes. >> for me it's the challenge, it's the escape, it represents to me a transition in my life
11:46 pm
when i got out of the coast guard i was 250 pounds and this is before the biggest losers. but i lost 80 pounds through triathlons, swimming, biking, running and exercising almost every day for quite a long time. >> if all that's not enough, here's willie stewart who lost his left arm as a teenager while working alove the watergate building in our nation's capitol. the straight cooling fan blade was the culprit. >> it was just an accident. fluke accident. and then i picked up my hand because it was sitting next to me and i ran to george washington hospital in washington, d.c. >> reporter: losing his limb was a devastating, yet pivotal time for willie. >> when i came out of my funk, i've since i lost my arm, i always wanted to do -- i wanted to do things i couldn't do or couldn't believe i could do. still today, i'm like, i can do that. i'm not going to let that stand in my way. i would much rather fail trying than not try. >> reporter: in more than 30
11:47 pm
years as a maximum security federal prison, legend has it that nobody ever swam 1 1/2 miles from the island to here on the shore and successfullies escaped alcatraz. however, here today, decades later, 2,000 triathletes can say they accomplished just that. >> in addition to those inspirational athletes, anthony slaughter, you got to know, the youngest, 7 years old, oldest, 70 years old. makes me feel like a bump on a log. >> you and me both. i would be about the swimming but if it wasn't 51 degrees, even in a sweat wet suit, i'm a baby. we are talking about warm weather in the seven-day forecast. let's talk about your monday. here you will notice we are going to start off cloudy was ahead through 7:00 or 8:00 in the morning. see a little bit of sunshine tomorrow. more sun than we saw today. by the afternoon, temperatures cool. only 60s for daytime highs.
11:48 pm
and even upper 50s at the coast. definitely going to be chilly. grab those jackets. however, this morning we saw fog move through and drizzle. wasn't enough to wipe out the allergens in the atmosphere. the next two to three days, very high allergens. that's going to continue to be a problem at least until we get this rain in here. big system you can see spinning across the pacific. jet stream will sag south right over us. showers are due to arrive then and continue for wednesday and thursday. that cold air is going to continue to filter in here. today, got into the 60s. even this past week, we were in the 70s. it's not looking like we're going to be that warm. 40s and 50s. the good news, those allergy levels will improve. tonight we start off with patchy fog. 44 in oakland. 43 in san jose. livermore, 41. concord at 42 degrees. tomorrow, again, rebound slightly. only back in the lower and middle 60s. only 59 in san francisco. 64 in los galos and 65 in the
11:49 pm
valley. keep the jacks handy. enjoy the sunshine. rain for tuesday and wednesday. we will see some sun wednesday and thursday. definitely going to talk about a good soaking rain. half inch, maybe 3/4 of an inch. and that would be the most rain we have seen all year long. definitely need the rain. good news, we're going to get it. it's going to get out of here just in time for the weekend. if you're trying to make weekend plans, looks like everything will cooperate perfectly this week. >> we like perfection. >> we do. we will be right back.
11:50 pm
11:51 pm
a muriel at ucla covered up for 20 dwraers was recently uncovered. symbolizes the struggle of social activism and is a reminder of black history. ted chin from our nbc station in los angeles spoke to students. >> reporter: it's a mart of ucla history that few people know about because it's literally covered up. this is what you're supposed to see, a composition of seven artists and in their faces,
11:52 pm
illustrations of key moments in african-american history. >> the reason why i even thought to bring this up was because this is our history. >> jason smith is a world arts and cultures mayor t at ucla. he and other students see the mural as an important part of history and activism in the '70s. >> it was around when i was a student here in the late '80s. it was covered up in 1992 as an effort to modernize what was back then simply a cafeteria. the first floor of ucla now looks like a typical mall food court built over the mural is a false wall that abuts the panda express. >> we are here as students, student union. and it would be only great if we could get this thing taken down and not covered up and not be covered up anymore. >> reporter: the head of ucla fa sulity would also like to see it restored but that won't be easy. the mural easily covers the entire wall that goes into the
11:53 pm
panda express but there have been talks with art preservationists how it can be displayed and saved. >> one option might be to try to relocate the work to another location. one option may be to reveal some of the work but reproduce a full representation of it approximate to its current location. >> reporter: smith would like to see it kept where it is, turning the floor into a part cafeteria, part history lesson. >> embrace modernization, at the same time not forgetting like certain people of history like this. >> ucla hopes to bring in the original artists for their input. >> and that was ted chin reporting from l.a. a question now. would you pay $50,000 for just one glove? someone in southern california did that this weekend. we'll show you why the glove is so special to him.
11:54 pm
11:55 pm
11:56 pm
finally tonight. hundreds of hollywood movie props were on sale at an auction this weekend. clothing, books, gunses, watches, and other screen used items were up for bid. included the sweater worn by tom hanks in "cast away," accordion used in the wedding scene of "the godfather" and michael jackson's famous glove fetched more than $50,000 or more. 800 items offered. thank you for joining us tonight on nbc bay area news. have a great rest of your weekend.
11:57 pm
11:58 pm
>> this is "the chris matthews show." >> ask not what your country can do for you. >> tear down this wall. >> i can hear you. >> a time for change has come! chris: the elephant in the room, we hear about deficits, sequesters and the word we dare not face, entitlements, you turn 65, medicare pays your health care. if you're poor, medicaid pays for it. reagan wins. the u.s. government is shrinking. actual government spending to do things is the lowest since world war ii. is this further chop in government the conservative dream come true. and finally the office.
11:59 pm
a national debate by ordering everybody back to the office. no more work from home. so when you telecommute, are you a slacker or you are just a lot more valuable face-to-face. hi, i'm chris matthews. welcome to the show. with us today, dan rather, katty kay, liz marlantes and michael duffy. first up, the massive across the board cuts are hitting the pentagon, head start, i.h. and federal programs in ways that they fully realize in the coming days and weeks. defense is 18% of the entire budget, 38% of the sequester cuts. domestic spending is taking 44% of the cuts under the sequester. here is the rub. social security, medicare, medicaid are 45% of our total budget, but are taking just 4% of the sequester hit. dan, it's all


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